Orange Is the New Death

Orange Is the New Death

or: Listen Up, Dipsh•ts


Whatever the Virus-in-Chief tells you to do, DON'T DO IT! Look to those he insults for information and instruction.


Anyone tells you it's time to let Grammy and Pop-Pop shuffle off this mortal coil for their personal profit, let them lead by example. Then, cut the others off. Whatever they want, money, viewer-ship, votes... don't give it to them.


When snake oil selling false prophets insist you congregate in dangerous numbers while emptying your pockets into their bottomless coffers, remember this: Your buddy, Jesus, says that private prayer is more than allowed, it's recommended.


Wash those hands, no swappin' spit with strangers, the produce section is not  a cough-a-torium.


Happy (socially distant) Trails


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Right on, Smitty!
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A frightening number of madmen have been elected as head of their countries, these days. I must admit Trump is in a category all his own, though. He never fails to appal.


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