Adam Raised a Kane

Adam Raised a Kane
or: Jesus Christ, Super Hero

So, that which was once known as Him is busy doing nothing. Just floating through space in a cosmic cocoon of… cocoonery, not bothering anyone, when it finds itself swallowed up by the asteroid lair of the High Evolutionary.

High (as we like to call him) is off to the far side of the sun to create a new Earth. Why? Because the complete, unmitigated disaster of the New Men wasn't humiliation enough. You can guess how this goes but, before High can whip out the  ol' Cosmic De-Planetizer™, Him busts out of his cocoon in his new, evolved form of Adam Warlock. Evolved as in, now he has a T shirt. Woo hoo!

Him, er, Adam that is, wants to save Counter Earth. High says take a shot. Adam falls to Earth, acquires disciples and enters pitched battle with High's greatest mistake, the Man-Beast! I'm telling' you, it's Jesus Christ, Super Hero; Roy's answer to Stan's Silver Surfer.

Maybe if Roy had stayed… but, he left soon after the set-up. Gil Kane left a few issues later (right when he and Tom Sutton we're finally starting to click)… Then Warlock was cancelled. Probably for the best as it left Adam unsaddled with excess baggage when he gets revived by Jim Starlin years later. Only to get cancelled… and die… many times…

He didn't have the biggest fan base but, the one he had was rabid and I was one of them.

I present High, Him and Apollo, the WonderPig. (OK, I made up the WonderPig part…)

Happy Trails

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