Silver is the Surfer

Silver is the Surfer

or: Oh My Overlord

This weeks grab bag… Silver Surfer #6. World's Without End.

Here's a confession, straight from the "I used to be young and stupid," file… It took a while for me to warm up to Big John Buscema. I was not amused when Dashin' Donny Heck left the Avengers and I took it personally. The Surfer, especially #4 where he first teamed up with brother Sal, is where he opened my eyes.

I'm torn between Kirby's version or Stan's. Jack's Surfer was a nameless stranger that viewed us as inexplicable bugs; Endearing but, weird. Stan's version had a name, a past, and other than the paint job, Norin Radd was really no different than you or me. Both pondered the insanity of human behavior but from radically different directions.

I had no such ambivalence between Jack and John. Hunt for Red October* is full of it. La Famila Buscema is the Surfer Team Supreme.

Happy Trails


Fan Supreme, Patrick Bartolo, has informed me that it was Crimson Tide rather than the Hunt for Red October where Denzel Washington's character failed to correctly identify the Buscema Brothers as the best version of the Silver Surfer.

For services rendered, Patrick has been awarded the Worthless Order of the Golden Thumb. Thanks, Patrick, you da' man!


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John Klein III's picture

I've always been more of a Sal Buscema man, myself. His work on ROM, New Mutants and Spectacular Spider-Man are all legendary!
Gene.mardaga's picture

I agree 100% Smitty! The Buscema Surfer is where it's at! Any chance you'd be willing to take-on a commission from me involving the Surfer?


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