Slap YOU!

Slap YOU!
or: a Flash and a Pan

Good Morning campers. Time for the ol' grab bag. This weeks entry… Flash #219.

What the heck do I have a Flash book for? It's too late for Carmine Infantino. oh… here we go, it's the old hiding in the back of the book trick. This is a Neal Adams Green Lantern story stuck in the back of the Flash following GLs (then) recent cancelation.

I haven't seen this in years, lets take a … oh my stars and garters… WHAT A BUTTHEAD!

You're not gonna believe this.

Black Canary gets smacked by a car. Bad!  (oh noes!) Green Arrow is the only person alive whose blood can save her but, he's foresworn civilization to hide in a convent.

Hal flies to Ollie to tell him the situation. Ollie responds with great concern for his beloved… NOT! I mean not one single word! He whines about being put upon. He spews his disgust towards humanity. He'll go but, "Don't expect me to smile!" That's a quote!

But wait, it gets better. With his honey on her deathbed, Ollie can't leave until he retrieves his precious possessions from his room!

Hold on, there's more. Knowing Dinah could die any moment, he takes time to exchange gifts at the gate!

And that ain't the worst of it. Before Hal can transport them to the dying Black Canary's side, Ollie needs a few moments of freedom!

All this lollygagging gets GL bashed on the head with a shovel and dumped in a yellow mud pit …

Spoiler warning, Dinah makes it but with precious little help from her "boyfriend."

What a butthead! I don't know I'll ever be able to draw him again.

Have some Flash. Flashes? Flashii?

Happy Trails



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I absolutely love that Golden Age Flash. My first favorite super-hero!!! :D
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