Lady Fate

Lady Fate

or: @#$%! Amazon


Sticking with last weeks pull on the Ladies JSA in Starman. I don't know that we ever actually gave her a name is the story but Lady Fate has to b better than Dr Fatewoman or the Fateress.


Learned a useful trick last Thursday. Trying my best to live in an Amazon free world I caught last Thursday's Chiefs/Chargers game on the radio only to find that shortly after the game ended on Amazon it was replayed on the NFL network. If you're unlucky enough for your team to play on Thursday (a vicious commie plot if ever there was one) check your cable listings.


Happy Trails


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Gene.mardaga's picture

….the Ravens also have an “amazon game”. Thanks Smitty!
Tim S's picture

Really love the light and accurate touch of the pencils. Thanks for including them.
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In KC, the local stations contracted with Amazon to show it on regular ol TV that the bunny ears could get. But, yes, all Thursdays this season will have a Bezos Game. And all 32 teams appear in at least one. What's our gentleman's bet for my Colts vs your Chiefs, Smitty? I airmail you a care package of KC's finest BBQ sauces if the Chiefs win? Colts win and you do an Iron Lantern piece for my son (that I still pay full price for, but I don't have to battle the legions of fans on this forum for it!). Or, the best kind of bet... bragging rights. Let me know!


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