Dummy Up

Dummy Up
or: Blockheads Anonymous

Oh, you’re in for a treat girls and boys as this weeks grab reveals SunRunners #2 from Eclipse Comics, in the back of which ran a strip featuring the greatest creation in the history of comics: The immortal Mike Mahogany by Ramblin’ Roger McKenzie and some guy named... Smith, yeah, right.

Imagine the Maltese Falcon with a ventriloquists dummy in the role of Sam Spade.


So, Mike is saved from the back shelves of a run down pawnshop by one Willie Treat. When Willie’s (deluded) dream of Ventriloquist Fame are shattered he turns to his even more questionable skills at poker. He gets snookered and winds up owing big money to the wrong guy, money he doesn’t have. Grabbing Mike, Willie rabbits. Tracked to the subways and chased down a tunnel, he trips over the rail and ZAP! Willie’s gone but, Mike’s alive and he’s gonna get the guys what done Willie wrong.


People ask artists if we draw ourselves into the work. I often get asked about Cyclops and Dr Strange. If there ever there was a character that was me, Mike was him... it... the guy.

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