Spider and the Fly

Spider and the Fly
or: What if...

So I’m sitting at home, not bothering anyone. I’m doodling, not really paying attention to what I’m doing. Turns out what I’m doing is drawing Simon and Kirby’s the Fly... who knew?

According to Stan, the creator is the guy who came up with the idea which leaves Joe Simon as the creator of Spiderman. Only, Joe can’t get it off the ground with CC Beck. Tweaked into the Fly, Simon reunites with Kirby and they manage a handful of issues before separating for good. The Fly continues... sort of... but never really catches on. Kirby then pitches the idea to Stan only to see his pages rejected. Here’s where Stan makes his enduring contribution; He takes the character from Jack and gives it to Steve Ditko who changes everything and transforms Spider-Man into the flagship book for a new comics universe.

There are so many spots where Spider-Man could’ve followed a completely different course. If it never falls to Ditko...I don’t draw comics, simple as that.

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