The Wrecker’s Ball

The Wrecker’s Ball
or: Tough Love

This weeks grab bag is... The Mighty Thor #148 starring the Wrecker.

Thor’s done something to peeve his father. Big Daddy Odin isn’t too happy with Sif, Balder or Loki either so, he strips them of their powers and   banishes them to Earth. Never mind that this could lead to the deaths of all involved and the destruction of Midgard, Odin must teach them the lesson of... uh... lessonocity...

While still possessed of his natural strength, Loki knows he can’t destroy Thor without magic. Loki calls out to the Norn Queen for aid (although how he contacts Asgard without magic isn’t explained... d’oh!) Fortunately for fans of all out comics action, the Norn Queen forgets her glasses, mistakes Loki for a common cat burglar whom she zaps with the power of Asgard and... the Wrecker is born.

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I love that ugly mug. You won'the be mistaking this Wrecker for one of the good guys.


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