Assassin’s Kreed

Assassin’s Kreed
or: Three Arms Are Better Than None

This weeks grab bag, Nexus 44.

I remember this one. I was filling in for the Dude, Mike felt he’d written himself into a corner. Kreed’s been a baaaaaad boy (Mars wants his head on a stick) and his code of honor demands he take his own life. Problem is, he’s sworn to Horatio he’ll do no such thing. What’s a poor Quatro assasin to do?

I’ve got a suggestion that Mike likes. I draw up “my” story. Couple weeks later It’s been lettered and comes back for inks.  So, I’m reading “my” story, quite pleased with myself, when Mike swoops in and steals the whole show right out from under me with a single balloon in the last panel. It was brilliant. I never saw it coming. Like he’d planned it all along and I was just there for the ride.

That’s how the great ones roll.

This calls for Hyper-Speed! Kreed the Assassin.

Happy Trails

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