R is for Red

R is for Red
or: Sunday in Scarlett

It's bloggin' time but, it's time for the game, too (Go Chiefs!) Let's play grab bag. Reach into a random box and pull out… Marvel Universe #9 Q-S…

Turns out I have a few contained therein: Rogue and the Savage Land Mutants. I also did one for the Scarlett Witch but, there's a sign-up conflict and they go with Sandy Plunkett (a wise choice, I have to admit.)

Of those left, I can't decide between Red Wolf or the Red Skull. So I don't. Have a twofer.

Happy Trails

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Don Bohm's picture

The Red Skull is especially cool. All those wrinkles and that hand holding the cube, wow!
Todd Dezago's picture

Love them both! That Red Skull is Scary!
John Klein III's picture

Red Skull is both creepy and menacing! Which is perfect! Shoutouts to fellow comic legend, Todd Dezago


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