Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter

or: NUTS!


Once again the Virus-in-Chief pushes to destroy democracy by making the opposition of fascism a crime. While “no kings allowed” is the cornerstone of American Democracy, “no fascists allowed” is the keystone. Once upon a time, nearly every nation on Earth, including Germany once it came to it’s senses, agreed that fascism has no place in a civilized world. The Virus-in-Chief disagrees. Those that fail to oppose fascism actively oppose democracy.


In my youth there was no easier way to spot the villain than by seeing them walk into a church with a gun. What can you say about a man who uses bullets and chemical weapons to force his way in and force the priest out? Now the V-i-C’s AG and personal lickspittle quisling wants us to know they used “pepper balls’ and not “tear gas” and therefore there were no chemical weapons employed. Water is a chemical, salt, air, peppers are chemicals and theres no such thing as a “pepper ball bush”. There may be such a thing as a “rubber tree plant” but bullets made of rubber are still bullets and they used both… against a priest.


And what’s with the Bunker Boy McBonespurs cowering in his basement for anyway? Doesn’t he know he’s surrounded by his big, beautiful wall and it’s magical ability to protect him from Mexican rapists.


Tom Cotton (R-Ark) wants to call in the 101st Airborne. You’d think a hard core nazi would realize that he’s the first one the Screaming Eagles will go after. The 101st, along with their brothers-in-arms such as the 442nd and the Tuskegee Airmen were created for the single purpose of crushing Cotton’s beloved Fuehrer into the dust. I have no problem with the NYTimes publishing his hateful, anti-American screed. Beyond the whole first amendment argument, there’s no easier way to identify a Nazi than by allowing them to identify themselves. Thanks for the head’s up, Tom.


Matt Gaetz (R-Fla) another proud Confederate traitor from the south, wants to hunt down the 101st in the streets. You already tried that at Bastogne. Hopelessly surrounded, out-manned and out-gunned the 101st responded to German demands of surrender with the single word “NUTS!” and proceeded to kick Nazi ass. To Gaetz, Cotton, the V-i-C and all their traitorous Nazi and Confederate followers: “NUTS!”


The revolution is being televised. Forget bullets and penile simulation units, we have ballots! Use them wisely.


Wash those hands!


Happy Trails


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