or: Characters per Square Inch

This week's grab bag reveals the Mighty Thor #134. Titled "the People Breeders" it might well have been called "the Big Denouement," as it wraps up the story of Ego, the Living Planet and hurls us towards next issues battle with The Man-Beast.

The sheer tonnage of characters is stunning. We start with Thor and the Recorder, check in with the Colonizers, dodge Galactus, reclaim Earth from Tana Nile, hook up with Jane Foster in Europe, meet Count Tagar and Porga, escape an attack by the AVM (Angry Villagers Militia) get rescued by knights aboard flying metal steeds, look in on Quick Silver and the Scarlett Witch, travel to Wundegore and meet the High Evolutionary… all in 16  pages!

If 16 pages sounds short, that's because we still have Tales of Asgard where Thor, Hogun, Fandrall and Volstagg travel through the land of crystal rivers and meet Fafnir the Dragon.

I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

So, do I draw the girl or the dragon? Girl or the dragon… aw, heck, draw 'em both.

Happy Trails

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