Kolorful Kang

Kolorful Kang
or: The Once And Future Doom

Into the grab bag and out with the Avengers #23. The “new” Avengers (Cap, Wanda, Pietro and Hawkeye) are in disarray. Cap actually takes a hike... for a few pages. Then Kang shows up and it’s Avenger’s Assemble.

The real draw here is the return to the fold of Jazzy Johnny Romita. Soon to take over DareDevil and later Spider-Man. His return starts with a number of inking assignments and what a return it is. Inking Kirby on the cover and Don Heck inside, Johnny shows some of the finest inking chops of the Marvel Age. And this while sandwiched between greats such as Wally Wood and Frank Giacoia. Were it not for John’s brilliant career as an artist, I’d say we was robbed when he put down the brush.

Let this be a lesson to aspiring inkers: If you want to learn how to ink, learn how to draw.

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