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When I was a teen, the most frightening word in the English language was, "Greeting" which was followed by the announcement  that you'd just been drafted into military service. EEK!  I was lucky, they missed me by a mile. I wasn't "Mr. Irrelevant" but, I came darn close. With a draft number of 356 (out of 365) I was immediately classified 1H, non-draftable until further classified. YEA! I was working that day and had no clue until I got home. When my mother told me my number I literally hit my head on the ceiling! OK, so that's only a 24" jump but, nothing ever hurt so good.


Somehow, I imagine the kids that got drafted into the NFL over the weekend probably feel a bit happier. Best-O-Luck to all of them.


Happy Trails


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That’s one good-looking Benjy
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Smitty, I went to the NFL Draft this weekend here in KC. I've been to SDCC many MANY times and this was equal to the busiest day there. Trade cosplay for NFL jerseys and you have an even exchange. I know we share a love for funnybooks and pigskin, and I thought of you when Faux (dare-I-say-Skrull) Andy Reid made it onto the jumbotrons. Hope you enjoyed the NFL holiday as much as I did. Our teams don't meet this year, so no gentlemen's bet. Best to you.


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