(photo: Neil Banerjee)

So there's this kid, Shubham Banerjee, 12 years old.  He discovers that a braille printer runs $2000-$3000 and thinks, "That ain't fair." So he pulls his Lego kit out of the closet and BUILDS one! (kids these days) Ok, so he needed a thumbtack and a couple washers too, but, he's knocked the price down to $350 and that ain't all. He's giving it away! Open source, free for everyone to use or contribute to. All you need is the $350 Lego kit (and a thumbtack.)

Check it out at Cnet

Kinda' restores your faith in humanity, don't it.

Shubham, not that it does you any good but, I hereby declare you the finest human being of 2014.

Happy Trails

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