Bottoms Up

or: Here’s Blood In Your Eye

I said it before and I say it again - DO NOT LISTEN TO THE VIRUS-IN-CHIEF!

Every week I think certainly that will be the single stupidest thing the virus says or does and every week I turn out to be wrong!

This time we don’t even have to wait a week. The day after telling everyone that poisoning themselves to death is good for them and good for the country he decides press conferences are a waste of time. Why? Because being accurately quoted and filmed is unfair and mean. Does it ever occur to him that he could just put some shut up in his mouth?

But wait, it gets even worse. After failing to kill the 4000 men and women aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt he’s set his sights on killing the 1000 young men and women of this years graduating class at West Point. Cadets safe and sound at home is more than the virus can bear. They’re being forced back to the Academy so they can be blathered at by the stupidest idiot in American history.

DO NOT LISTEN TO THE VIRUS-IN-CHIEF! STOP DRINKING THE KOOL-AID! You life depends on ignoring EVERYTHING he says. Listen to Dr Fauci (for as long as he lasts) Heck, if nothing else, listen to Brad Pitt

Happy Trails and WASH THOSE HANDS!


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