D is for Doc

D is for Doc
or: My Dormammu Was Better

This weeks grab bag reveals Marvel Universe #3, Collector to Dracula. I’ve got a couple in here including Cyclops and Doctor Strange. However, I’ve done these characters for years and the site is littered with examples.

What it doesn’t include is my drawing of Dormammu. As mentioned in an earlier entry (R is for Red) the Uni books had occasional snafus in assignments. The last time around I lost out to Sandy Plunkett on the Scarlet Witch, which I took in stride because Sandy’s was better. Frank’s Dormammu was not. I like Frank’s stuff. He’s one of the few artists of my own generation to have an effect on my work but, he, and Gruenwald especially, dropped the ball on that one. You was robbed.

However, like Doc and Cyke, Dormammu is a character I’ve drawn countless times, with many examples on site... let’s look for someone else.

I’d be tempted with the Crimson Dynamo had they stuck with Don Heck’s brilliant version but, here he’s modernized into a sad Iron Man rip-off... let’s pass. I’m going to go with Doc Samson because he looks like fun (though that may just be Alan Weiss’ breathtaking draftsmanship) and the fact that I’ve never done him before.

Girls and boys, may I present, Doc Samson.

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