Make Apokolips Great Again

Make Apokolips Great Again

or: Justify This


Jack tried to warn us. He warned us in the 40's. He did it again in the70's. If he were alive today he'd be warning us again; tyranny and fascism never sleep.


This weeks pull from the Long-Box-of-Mystery is the Forever People #3. Glorious Godfrey is extolling the virtues of the MAGA philosophy (Make Anti-Life Great Again.) As long as you wear the company cap you're justified in committing any atrocity you want : book burning, assault, murder...


Legend has it that Godfrey was a send-up of Billy Graham and Arthur Godfrey but I gotta say he bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain former con man-in-chief.


Happy Trails


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You're right. Sadly, we can never stop looking over our shoulders no matter how much progress we make. That said, hopefully we're looking out for each other too. Thanks for posting this! You and your artwork are an inspiration.
Phil Frances's picture

This is fantastic - a terrific piece in its own right, and also a due warning from history via Jack's works ; would love to see a variant that was less Glorious Godfrey and more Deluded Disastrous D*********
Robert Lee's picture

Long time listener, first time caller. You really nailed it. I’ve often thought of the nefarious ways that Darkseid’s minions seep their ideologies into society in the Classic Kirby issues when seeing that yet another Maga event is all over the news on a random weekend. It really is like Kirby saw it all coming. MAKE ANTI-LIFE GREAT AGAIN!


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