Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole
or: From Here to Infirmity

I hadn't planned on last weeks drawing acting as a lead in to the total collapse of logical thought in the presidential race but, here we are.

Apparently I saw a different debate than the rest of the world because the one I saw was a runaway victory for Joe Biden. Yet everyone else who watched seems to think he should drop out because NEITHER of the candidates had the appearance of someone about to face off with the Rock in a WWF cage match.

News at 11, that ain't the job!

The presidency is not an episode of Star Trek where the Captain abandons his post, transports down to the surface, engages the Gorn in hand to hand combat, beds the local princess and warps out of the galaxy before the baby is born.

The skipper's job is to man the helm and, with the aid of the crew, locate the problem, determine a solution and provide marching orders for others to carry out.

Of the two candidates on stage only Biden was aware that the Presidency is a job and not the prize from a Cracker Jacks box.

Assume for the moment that the next President dies the moment they complete the oath of office. Which administration do we want to see step up and carry on? One that believes in America, the Constitution, democracy and individual freedoms or one that believes in an anti-American fascist, racist, bigoted, theocratic dictator bent on the destruction of the Great Experiment?

How is this even up for debate?

I'll say this again, the former Traitor-in-Chief's failed beer belly putsch, just like the Nazi's failed beer hall putsch, does not end the threat. It's where the threat starts.

Pay attention kids. It may be our last chance.

Happy Trails


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Yes, PMS… say it loud so the folks in back can hear!
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I remember those Marvel Team-Ups, they were a lot of fun with Frog-Man hopping in. Some memorable art for the covers! Then things got all dark and gritty with death after death after death... I basically quit reading everything from 'the big two' when every other super-heroine seemed to be on an 'important' key collector's issue cover dead. I think it's sick how so many people are denigrating Mr. Biden who has done a provably excellent job. The guy that should be asked to step aside would seem logically to be the convicted felon who named the place and the day for a mob insurrection among other attempts to stop a properly conducted transfer of power to a new leader. Be thankful for 'boring' but competent... a thousand times more competent than the man who would wipe out NATO, that's for sure. Best thoughts as always for the U.S.... maybe pass around copies of Fantastic Four #21 from way back with the Hate-Monger ranting about impure scapegoat immigrants?


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