Lucky #3

Lucky #3

or: Did We Win

Growing up I was the number three son, played first base (that's # three on your scorecards) and batted third. This one's for Damar Hamlin, #3 for the Buffalo Bills, who collapsed on the field a week ago in a game against the Cincinnati Bengals because us #3's gotta stick together.

While he's still in the hospital, he's awake, breathing on his own, talking and apparently the first thing he wanted to know is if the Bills won the game. I'm no medical professional but I'm taking his awareness and sense of humor as a good sign. Get well soon, Damar.

Happy Trails


Oh, yeah, for those who may not know, this weeks drawing is Triad aka Triplicate girl.

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Smitty, My best bud who is a Chiefs fan came over to watch the Bills/Bengals game. We sat stunned watching something neither of us had seen in our lifetimes. Props to Hamlin. Glad the NFL did "celebrations" instead of "moments of silence" for him at all the games. Classy and appropriate. Three cheers for all our plastic-glad gladiators. My Colts had ONE bright spot this whole season, and it came at your expense. Cheers to you, Big Red, Mahomes, and all Chiefs Kingdom. Enjoy your week off! More time to draw this weekend!
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Hate to back into the #1 seed that way but, all things considered, I think the league found the least smurfed way to deal with it. GO HAMLIN!


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