The Invaders

The Invaders

or: Stingtime In the Rockies


Last week is was moths in the studio, this week it’s wasps in the bedroom. Little buggers built a nest in the eaves outside the bedroom window. I sayeth thee, “Arrrgh!”


The revolution is being televised. I understand people are upset but violence in the streets is exactly what the Virus-in-Chief has been working towards. Nothing would make him happier than having an excuse to release “vicious dogs” and “ominous weapons.” Don’t give the Virus what he wants.


After telling us the mail-in voting is only allowed for the Virus and his minions he now tells us that the city of Lancaster, Ca. is involved in a Democrat plot to steal the election by setting up a physical polling place (at the request of it’s Republican mayor and Republican representatives) and it’s votes must not be counted.


Further, the V-i-C wants us to know that a publisher deciding what it will or will not publish is censorship and that government forcing publishers to publish lies against their will is freedom of speech.


Let’s do the math:


((0 votes + 0 votes - freedom of speech) ÷ censorship) x (vicious dogs + ominous weapons) = Tyrant


Wash those hands, stay home if you can.


Happy Trails


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Good sir, you went above and beyond with this one.
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Paul, Not really a comment but I tried to contact you using the contact form but never heard back and your email button doesn't seen to be working! Please contact me about a commission! Thank you.
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Elegant and beautiful...another great one to be sure!


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