Follow the Bouncing Ball

Follow the Bouncing Ball

or: Momentum


Just when it looked like the Broncos were going going to break their 12 game losing streak against the Chiefs, someone forgets to block Melvin Ingram who gets in the backfield so far and so fast he almost intercepts the handoff. Next thing you know the ball hits the ground, takes a KC bounce, and the game is ours. Goodness and light return to the Earth as evil is vanquished once again... well, not evil, the Broncos aren't the Raiders, they're just a bunch of LOOOOOSERS! Bwah ha ha!


Happy Trails


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Chiefs let Chris Jones play edge. D stinks. Chiefs trade for Melvin Ingram who still has it. Jones moves back inside. Line goes from Spidey villain Spot (full of holes) to Red Hulk (stronger, meaner, and thirstier for blood).
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That and holding on to the ball


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