Tyrannus Wrecks

Tyrannus Wrecks
or: We, Who Are About To Smash, Salute You

I know I’ve already done a Hulk this year but, nanner, nanner, nanner, I don’t care; It’s my party and I’ll smash if I want to.

Returning to the pick-a-comic-any-comic trick for inspiration reveals a book from Marvel’s infancy, The Incredible Hulk #5. I know what this is as soon as I see the cover. This is the one with Hulk as a gladiator!!! Imagine my surprise when the armor only shows for a few panels on a couple of pages... And yet, those few shots affected generations of cartoonists as we see variations show up decades later in: Thor Ragnarok; Planet Hulk; World War Hulk...

Hulk SMASH! Woo Hoo!

Happy Trails

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Always a trip to see one of your hirsute Hulks!!


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