Dragons on My Shoulder Make Me Happy

Dragons on My Shoulder Make Me Happy

or: Dragons on My Shoulder Make Me Smile

This one was for Magnus Reithaug.

What started as a simple cover recreation of X-Men # 168 took a left turn when Magnus asked to include Lockheed (something I wouldn't do on the original to avoid spoilers to the story) Trying differing locations for Lockheed, I settled on the left side of the cover as the better way to go.

Another left occurs when Magnus requests a logo for the cover. Fortunately, I still have the original so getting a scaled, full res copy was easy as pie. Just how long an inkjet logo will last is anyone's guess, though Epson says 90 years or better. Magnus is aware of this and gives his OK.

However, the left side of the cover is now overly crammed and cluttered so Lockheed happily agrees to move to the other side (helpful fellow that he is)

Happy Trails

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Bob Wiacek's picture

<p>Hi Paul,</p> <p>This cover is superb and it has the feeling of the original with a new attitude. Kitty&#39;s hands have an interesting Ditko look and are appropriate for the body language.</p> <p>Bob Wiacek</p>
Smitty's picture

<p>Hey Bob,<br /> <br /> Thanks for the compliments. There are always aspects of any drawing an artist would like another crack at and here was my opportunity. Adding Lockheed was the clients&#39; choice (I&#39;d thought of it the first time around but considered it a spoiler) The hands&hellip; I just figured I could do better.<br /> <br /> For those that may not remember, Bob and I were partners on my X-run. If you like the look of the book, BLAME BOB! It would&#39;ve been something else entirely without him. If you hate the look, blame me.<br /> <br /> Smitty</p>
Gerry McDade's picture

Hundreds of X-Men covers later, this is still my favorite! I've always loved the look of desperate determination on Kitty's face. Lockheed is a fun addition.
Justin's picture

Couldn't have said it better myself, Smitty!
John Klein III's picture

Oh man, I didn't think 168's cover could get better but with Lockheed, it has become so! I love that purple space alien that just so happens to resemble our notion of dragons. Anyone notice that Nightcrawler 5 (that came out not too long ago) is a homage to Uncanny 168? That's pretty great!
George G's picture

Three issues into your run and I was already a convert to the Paul Smith Forever fan club. This cover will always be my favorite, because it was the issue I got published in (for one of the reader submitted costume designs in "Kitty's Kostume Korner"). :)))


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