Johnny B Gone

Johnny B Gone
or: Frankie's Blues

Chuck Berry AND Bernie Wrightson... back to back. Ouch!

After the blues, I love primal American Rock-n-Roll. Without Chuck and his influence on generations of musicians, half my music library never got recorded. As Rock-n-Roll's one true father, he changed the course of modern music. His stuff is on the VOYAGER fer' cryin' out loud!!!

Bernie came along at a time when comics had flattened out to a degree. He was part of a wave that reminded us of just what comics could do. The weird, spooky tale is more than just one of comics most beloved genres, it's a roundtable for comics most legendary artists as well. By any standard of greatness, Bernie earned his seat.

Here's to Chuck playin' too loud and Bernie scarin' the hell out of the Devil.

Sad Trails

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They ain't gone- everything they did is right with us and is part of us. If I.could duck-walk like Chuck or draw like Bernie, I'd be a legend too! (I can dream....)


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