Zodiac Follies

Zodiac Follies

or: the Night They Took Manhattan


This weeks grab bag turns up the Avengers #82. International crime cartel the Zodiac is back and lookin' for trouble. They find it when they decide to take the island of Manhattan hostage for the perfectly reasonable sum of one billion dollars. So, just how do you steal the home of essentially every hero in the Marvel universe out from under them? Well, that would be telling. Leave us say they have a plan, the Avengers object and hi-jinks ensue.


Presenting Aries, leader (du jour) of the Zodiac.


Wash those hands, put on your @#$%! masks and go get spiked.


Happy Trails


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I get such a strong Borgnine vibe from that horned mask and those positively demonic eyes -- it's the Devil's Rain climax all over again!


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