or: the Old Random Box Trick

For those that haven't played before, this is where we select a random box, pull a random book and render something apropos; unless it's a stupid book, like one of mine.

You, in the third row, pick a box. Up in the balcony, grab a book. and… drumroll please… the Avengers # 9! ooh, ooh, this is cool. I remember this (insert dreamlike string music here….)

Don Heck was a huge influence on me. His men were manly, his women, gorgeous. Swabbies, grunts, machinery. Iron Man, Thor, Captain Marvel, The Avengers, I loved it all. I consider the "Sons of the Serpents" books (Avengers 32-33) where he inks himself, to be a hallmark of the primal Marvel Age.

Zemo, the Enchantress and Executioner, there's a bounty of characters to choose from.  Wonder Man, however, is the star of the show and since this is his one and only ever appearance in the entire history of Marvel (wait, wha..? Well, that's a whole other story we don't need to get into.) Take my word for it, once upon a time, death worked in the Marvel Universe. The "fact" we'd never see him again really cemented him into our demented little minds.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Wonder Man!

Happy Trails

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