Stand By

Stand By

or: D-Day -1


"Surprise, surprise, surprise." Gomer Pyle


The V-i-C falling victim to the TrumpVirus is as surprising as the sun rising in the morning or water flowing downhill. This was more than predictable, it was guaranteed.


The V-i-C's zombies are falling into two camps. Those that say his total avoidance of  masks and distancing is proof that masks and distancing don't work and those that say his infection proves the TrumpVirus doesn't exist.


So how do we explain such monumental stupidity? In the immortal words of Fargo's Nikki Swango, "What possible solve is there besides unfathomable pin-headery."


Even less surprising was the V-i-C's nationally televised meltdown when he forfeited the debate with Joe Biden. Rather than a spirited exchange of ideas we got a temper tantrum from a terrible two year old who felt if he screamed and whined long enough the grown-ups would surrender in frustration.


Somewhere in the middle of his tirade, he doubled down of his assertion that Hitler, Nazis, and the forces of fascism are the heroes and those that opposed fascism, those that risked life and limb, those that died to protect America and make the world safe for democracy, are the villains.


Stand back and stand by was what Ike told Allied forces on June 5, 1944, the day before he launched the largest military invasion in human history.


The V-i-C has declared war on the United States!


Wash your hands, put on your @#$%! masks and vote the idiot out!


Happy Trails



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I've sent a couple messages through your website and "BornToDraw" email about a September purchase . Thanks so much, and EFF Trump.


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