or: Heart of Darkness


Well, foo. The Mighty Chefs of Kansas City have collapsed like a bad souffle. Smitty is a sad panda.


Wash those hands and put on your @#$%! masks!

Happy Trails,


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Justin Washburn's picture

As a Pats fan it was bittersweet, and I was hoping for a closer contest for your sake. They say that getting to the Superbowl is like driving cross country with a fine china set on your lap, and playing the game is like trying to get the china into the house without breaking any pieces.
thedottedlineautographs's picture

I've had those "moving china" moments.. You do all the work, take every single precaution. Freak out and stress the whole time. Make it all the way, then when you're putting them away at the new place you break some... Just like my Packers did...had a great season, had home field, Defense steps up in 2nd half getting several INTs on Brady...and nothing...
Smitty's picture

Between a 3rd string OL and the defense's penalty-palooza it made the last leg feel like juggling china in a hail storm. Still, after a 50 year drought, I'm happy for the season we had...die ,tom brady, die!


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