Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

or: If I Should Win Before I Wake


I read the Chiefs played a beautiful game. I had to read about it because in my neck of the woods they showed the Raiders and Broncos in their race to the basement so I just slept in.


I won't be able to watch the Chiefs vs Bengals next week either because CBS only gets one game which means it's Broncos vs Chargers. Foo.


Happy Trails


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Smitty, Years ago I had DirecTV with the Sunday Ticket. I had a near impossible time getting Colts games here in Kansas City. I had been going to the nearest watering hole that had the Sunday Ticket and found I was a ton of money every Sunday and I was gone all dang day. The Sunday Ticket was an amazing investment. Now with the internet I can get just about every game online one way or another, but I broke down and bought the app version of the Sunday Ticket this year. It has been a $300 godsend. I highly recommend it living up in the mountains and getting Broncos games all day long. All that said, you didn't miss much. The Chiefs manhandled the Steelers. It was embarrassing. Looks like you're going to get a bye in the middle of January. On to Cincinnati.
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Seriously though, thanx for the tip. I had Sunday Ticket for years. With compass and protractor I put up the dish myself one day as the squirrels used me for an obstacle in their game of rooftop Grand Prix but, that's another story... For various reasons I'd still miss 3-4 games a year from time shifts and reschedules which is how many I miss on free TV for a lot less money.
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I feel your pain. In KC this week the Colts will be on Fox at the same time as the Chiefs/Bengals game. If the Chiefs were at home, they would black out other games. BUT! Since they're on the road, Fox can run a game at the same time. AND, because local games black out Sunday Ticket, I will have to watch on my local channel (via antenna!) instead of my app. I hope that since I'll be road tripping to South Texas this week that the blackout won't apply to me. Ugh. The lengths we go to for our favorite laundry!


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