Hey Ringo? You out there?

The entire inspiration for my doing a blog at all is the late, great Mike Wieringo's world renowned "Sketch of the every 2-3 Days™." Wondering what to do with this weeks blog, I went to the file cabinet and opened a file marked doodles when serendipity struck.

Why is this in three pieces? uh… Shut up, that's why! I honestly don't remember. Here's my best guess. After shamelessly stealing a sketch of Rikki and inking it up, I thought it would be cooler with a BG and a landscape orientation but, there was no more room on the paper (that last part's true, there's no more room on the paper). The WAKUM edit… I preferred Ringo heading off into the Undiscovered Country packin' a pencil, rather than heat…? uh… yeah. Yeah. That's the story, guaranteed 99.44% true.

Other Ringo-bilia in this weeks installment include Dare-Gorilla, a pinup done for a Tellos collection (They made me put Chance in. Really, they did,) and a really tiny Serra doodle.

Happy Trails, Ringo, 


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