Second Chances

We are now de-snagged. Call it manners, call it jinx-o-phobia, I didn't want to post this until the client had approved of the piece. He not only approves but, has asked to pay extra for overnight shipping. Woo Hoo! Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

OK, so we're not supposed to have favorites among our children. Given these are two of my all time faves, I hope the other kids will forgive me.

The request was for Chance and St George on the case of the mysterious Spider-Man. Lots of shadows, flashlights, that sort of thing. At no point was a request for "interiors" made but, that's what I saw as I read the e-Mail and that's what the client received in the first Batch-O-Thumbs™.

The client asks if we can put Devil's Echo into one of the shots. Exteriors? That's a horse of a different color, or house at least. Let's try again. I do a few shots and from somewhere comes a shot of them interacting rather than stalking. The client says it's completely not what he asked for but, exactly what he wants. Cool.

I work it up and half way in… it's not right. Chance's proportions are off. She and Spidey are sized like Kitty and Colossus. The thug on the edge is off line from his compatriots… Toss it and start over. It's not uncommon for clients to get the second or third shot but, that's embarrassing so, we won't mention it here (D'oh!)

Some changes are purely digital, sizing, flipping George. Others such as the teetering Trogg are analog.

And here we are, the second time around. Who sez there's no second acts?

And before anyone says something about Chance needing her bacon saved I submit the following: Judging from the grin on Peter's face (trust me) and the smiles on Chance and St George, I'd say this was all part of the plan.

Happy Trails


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