Pryor Flames

Pryor Flames
or: Love Punch

This week’s first grab got shoved back in the box when it turned out to be X-Men 174... we can do better than this, try again... Dr Strange 68, hmmm... one more time, X-Men 167... seems this is one of “those” boxes that’s only got my stuff. OK, X-Men 174 it is.

I was never a fan of the “is Maddy really Jean?” thing. Knowing my run was soon to be over, I didn’t feel it was my place to argue. Looking back, I have to admit to some passive aggressive behavior. Having never done Jean in the book, there was nothing to compare Maddy to, twin wise. All I had was hair color. I could’ve chosen a more Jean-like hair style but, noooo, I had to go with a non-Jean ‘do.

With all due modesty, I’d like to nominate myself for Marvel’s Hardest Punch™. I admit it, Scott’s my favorite X’er. “My” Scott would never have done this. But, you know me, I get lost in the story and, even though I’ve known it was coming all along, it just ticked me off and I tee Scott up and let him have it. The happy embrace. The wait/what moment. The slow push off at “the question” (Are you my dead girlfriend come back to life?) and then... wait for it, gotta turn the page... WHACK!

Maddy Pryor

Happy Trails

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I've also never been a fan of Maddie being a clone of Jean and what it did to Scott was horrible too. But your run is legend! Love every single moment. The hard stuff with Maddie came later.


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