Play Dead

Play Dead

or: Bye, Bye, Who’s Got the Bye


Just a few weeks ago the Chiefs getting a wild-card spot was looking iffy… suddenly, what to our wondering eyes should appear but, everyone between us and the top spot in the conference decides to roll over and play dead: the Pats, the Titans, the whole of the AFC West. Heck, Even the Cards and the Bucs took a header in the NFC.


Great Googley Moogley, Sweet Heaven in a Pickle! 


Happy Trails





All silliness and trash talking aside, best wishes to Chargers tight end Donald Parham Jr whose head took a horrible and terrifying bounce off the turf last Thursday. The most current news tells us he’s alert, released from the hospital and tweeting he’s OK. Get well soon.


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Greg Kirkpatrick's picture

At 3-4, dismay was in the air. Suddenly, with a struggling offense, the defense was reborn! The offense has shown glimpses of greatness and the Chiefs are on the path to home field advantage! Exciting times!
JRN's picture

All 7 AFC playoff spots are still up for grabs. This is the latest in the season that no team has clinched in 2 decades. And there's even an extra spot! Crazy! I wish the cameras had come off Parham. That was a haunting non-contact head injury. Talked about it all through the weekend games. Bless the plastic-clad gladiators we all love so much.
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is for the Chiefs to hold on to the ball... That and world peace.
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…..the Ravens’ head coach would just stop trying for two-point conversions. Oy!


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