Nixon’s Ghost

Nixon’s Ghost

or: Our Long National Nightmare


Some months ago, there was a home invasion outside Chicago. Two thugs enter a house. Seconds later, the homeowner barrels out the door with Thug #1. Thug #1 runs to the getaway car and drives away. The homeowner goes back into the house. A gun is produced (doesn’t matter whose). Thug #2 is shot. By the time 911 arrives, Thug #2 is dead.


A charge of murder is made. Not against Thug #2, he’s dead, can’t charge a corpse. Not against the homeowner, self defense is not a crime. The charge of murder is made against Thug #1 who was only inside for a second, never touched a gun, was not in the neighborhood when the gun was fired and across town by the time of death. How is this possible? Thug #1 willfully engaged in a criminal act where death was a likely possibility and is therefore responsible for any death that occurs as a result.


Those that stormed the Capitol are guilty of murder. You cannot attempt the violent overthrow of American democracy and storm a government building with hand guns, rifles and Molotov cocktails while screaming for the deaths of elected officials and feign surprise when death occurs.


I admit I have no sympathy for the 4 MAGA terrorists (hereafter known as MAGATs) The murder of Officer Brian D. Sicknick cannot be overlooked, forgotten or forgiven.


Regardless of Gerald Ford’s intentions, his pardon of Richard Nixon was not the end of our long national nightmare, that was the moment it began. No Republican can ever be guilty. No matter the crime, up to and including treason, will result in anything more than a free pass, a ride on Marine 1, lifelong benefits on the taxpayer’s dime and a lifetime of partying on the beach.


Not again. People need to be held responsible for their actions no matter their office. Mitch McConnell is fighting to prevent impeachment because he supports the violent overthrow of democracy. Cabinet members are abandoning their posts to avoid invocation of the 25th amendment because they support of the violent overthrow of democracy. Lindsey Graham calls for the violent overthrow of democracy by asking Joe Biden to “end the second impeachment” because upholding the law and dispensing justice against a Republican will “destroy the country.”


MAGATs are telling us the problem is the illiberal left. If the left would simply be more tolerant of murder, rape, terrorism, fascism and treason, everything would be just fine. That’s what the Nazis  told the mayor of the Warsaw ghetto. That’s what Jefferson Davis said to the enslaved population of southern blacks. It’s what the Traitor-in-Chief and his can’t-be-found-guilty-of-anything Republicans are telling us now. I call shenanigans! 


There’s no healing if you don’t treat the wound. You don’t ask the disease for permission. The cure is simple: Operate, hold the guilty responsible. Let the world see that American justice is truly and fairly blind. 


Wash your hands and put on your @#$%! masks!


Happy Trails,


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Best essay so far and that's saying a lot. Keep 'em honest, Smitty!
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...but the truth is, conservatives have always aligned with the enemy and fought against American interests. In the 18th century they were Tories. In the 19th century they were Confederates. In the 20th century they were the Bund. In the 21st century they're MAGATs.


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