Look, Puppies!

Look, Puppies!
or: You Are Now In A Lecture Free Zone

I had a blistering editorial just about all ready to go, along with a brilliantly cutting cartoon concerning a topic du jour, when I thought, self, take your own advice, put some shut-up in your mouth and...

Hey LOOK! Over there. Puppies! A whole boxful of puppies!

See how the puppies make pretty girls appear out of nowhere. Aren’t puppies magical?

Happy Trails,


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Gerry McDade's picture

Thanks for a good laugh. Would have enjoyed your scathing commentary. Holiday weekends are always improved by a good scathe.
Smitty's picture

<p>It was one of those subjects where the lines are drawn, trenches dug, no one is going to change sides&hellip;&nbsp;</p> <p>Schadenfreude over backpfeifengesicht is rampant enough as it is (and get off my lawn). That&#39;s my rant for the day.</p>


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