Lama Drama

Lama Drama

or: Run Away


We’ve got maybe good news and almost good news.


Maybe good news: Llama antibodies may be a weapon in the fight against the Trumpvirus. You can’t make this stuff up. Big round of applause for Winter the Belgian llama!


Almost good news: The Virus-in-Chief came this close to shutting down the virus task force and running away in defeat, placing everything in the hands of the States. For a brief moment it looked like sanity could rear it’s head. Unfortunately he want’s a mulligan. It’s not enough he shut down the pandemic task force two years ago and slashed the CDC to insure we wouldn’t be prepared and wouldn’t see this coming (because spending money on things you’re not using at the moment is a waste of money; silly things like seatbelts, lifeboats, parachutes.) He has to keep deaths from being counted or reported and keep knowledgable people from speaking to Congress. There’s still destruction to do and he’s going to see it done.




Happy Trails



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When this whole thing started I joked that Obama was probably sitting at home, wondering why they didn't just go by the manual. Turns out there really was a fucking manual. It's all fun and games until the idiot gets people killed.
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Do we laugh or cry?


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