the King of Sinful Sots

the King of Sinful Sots
or: Pass the Arsenic Sauce

Posting extra early because, well, I’ll be too busy tomorrow; gorging on toys and playing with my food. Much trouble to be found, secret plots to carry out, that sort of thing.

A big Merry, Merry - Bah, Humbug - and Cindy Lou Who to you and yours.

Where’s the roast beast?

Happy Trails
Smitty Claus

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Jason Caldwell's picture

To you and yours, the very best of the holiday season!
Bob Kennedy's picture

There's nothing like a smoking jacket to announce "I am up to no good."
Smitty's picture

<p>My intentions are entirely dishonorable.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
JUSTIN's picture

Just making sure the gremlins are being kept at bay.
Bill Banick's picture

Great pic!!!!


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