Ich Bin Immer Noch Charlie

Ich Bin Immer Noch Charlie
or: They're Cartoons, People

This weeks grab bag is going to concentrate more on the bag portion, a little bit of everything.

Not content with the destruction in Paris, the anti-cartoon forces have struck again in Berlin. The offices of the Hamburger Morgenpost were subject to an arson attack. Fortunately, there were no injuries and damage seems minimal.

Albert Uderzo has come out of retirement long enough to produce some Asterix drawings in support of the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack. I hope I'll be forgiven but, when will I get another shot at inking Uderzo…

My buddy Gerry Turnbull asks if I've ever drawn Ant-Man. Professionally, no, but, he pops up in doodles here and there.

And finally, a bundle of Bat-shots as a reminder that Norm Breyfogle's fundraiser is still accepting donations.

Happy Trails,



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