I Was Strolling Through the Park One Day

I Was Strolling Through the Park One Day

or: Look, Up in the Trees!

DO'H! Time and I have never really understood each other. Better late than never.

This one's for Adam Beechen.

Sometimes trying to figure out what the client wants is like pulling teeth from a turnip; there's just nothing to get your hands on. Not so here. Adam knew exactly what he wanted: Spidey and Kraven in Central Park.

Spidey is why I do comics, Kraven is one of my favorites so, they were easy. But, what makes a park Central Park (as opposed to any other)…? Had I spent more time in the city during my NY days I might have a better answer but, I figured the Guggenheim would at least narrow it down to the park in the middle of Manhattan across the street from the museum whether the viewer knew the name or not.

For good or ill, I've been spotting blacks with the brush for so long that my attempts to do the panther in lead just threw me, so I drew him as the Silver Panther (think Los Bros Buscema and  the Silver Surfer) and inked him in negative.

Happy Trails

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