I Am Groot

I Am Groot

or: Have Chipper Will Travel


Last weeks slush storm left me buried in fallen trees. I’m cleaning up as best I can but, I’m just not the strapping young 65 year old I used to be. Suddenly someone starts backing a huge wood chipper up my driveway?!? It’s my neighbor and a buddy of his, both with chain saws. What had promised to be another weeks work was gone in a couple of hours. I tried to buy them a beer but they came equipped. I tried to buy them dinner but, the little-old-lady they saved before little-old-me had already secured that honor. 


My neighbor had saved his place for last so I followed them over and helped as best I could but felt much like a little kid “helping” Dad. Still, I think they appreciated the effort. All in all, kinda’ restored one’s faith in humanity. 




Happy Trails


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Great linework! With your recent Foom post and this one, you’re really knocking it out of the park lately


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