Hulk Smash

Hulk Smash
or: Return to the Land of Broken Things

Ye olde computer doesn’t want to print. It won’t “see” the printer installer CD. It says the Disk Repair CD is a blank. It tells me the factory system install DVD is in an unrecognizable format... I sayeth thee ARRRGH!

This makes Smitty a sad panda :(

Hulk Smash!!

Happy Trails

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Sounds like the CD Player is stuffed.
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<p>And wouldn&#39;t you know I can find a new replacement for PPC G3, PPC G4 and intel Mac Pro but not a PPC G5! Looks like it&#39;s Ebay for me.</p> <p><span>&nbsp;Thanks for watching out for me.</span></p> <p>Smitty&nbsp;</p>


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