How Blue is My Beetle

Atom and Steve
or: How Blue is My Beetle

Welcome back girls and boys to Uncle Smitty’s grab bag. I’m in a good mood because I’ve managed to snag Captain Atom #84 from 1966/67. Ditko has just left Marvel and has yet to migrate to DC.

Captain Atom has just gotten a redesign which, I’ll admit, I don’t much care for. I’m stickin' with his original design.

Backing up the main story is the all new Blue Beetle. Not sure but, I think he got his redesign the issue before. No one recognizes our hero who himself references having just taken over the role... Stories back then didn’t start in the middle like this. What I do know is Ditko’s design is brilliant.

The Beetle and Cap go on to become NightOwl and Dr Manhattan of Watchmen fame. While Rorschach stems from Ditko’s Question at Charlton and his own Mr. A (arguably Steve’s greatest creation) from Wally Wood’s Witzend.

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