Here Kitty, Kitty

Here Kitty, Kitty

or: Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright


It's the old careful-what-you-wish-for trick. All I wished for going into Saturdays game against the Jags was to stop with the turnovers and clean-up special teams play. I forgot to wish for Mahomes to leave the game with as many legs as he went in with... D'OH!


It was hard enough watching him play in a Superbowl with no offensive line, at least he could run away. The thought of him going against the Bengals as a uni-pedal statue... yoiks!


Happy Trails


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Gene.mardaga's picture

I still have faith in a Chiefs/Eagles Super Bowl, Smitty. The Bengals’ O-line is made of papier-mâché
Smitty's picture

He says he's OK but I've learned never to trust Mahomes to judge his own health. He was already on two bad ankles in '19 because he refused to come out. Then he "relocated" his knee and still claimed he was good to go.
JRN's picture

Smitty, KC is BUZZING this week. Patrick's ankle! Patrick's record vs Burrow! The SB on the line! Wish we could get you here for a store signing. I honestly expected Tigra or Atlas's Tiger Man from your sketch. I'll be thinking about you on Sunday.


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