Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness

or: Death Star Down


Only thing better than the Raider’s losing is the Chiefs winning. Only thing better than the Raider’s losing and the Chiefs winning is when the Raiders lose to the Chiefs. The only thing better than the Raiders losing to the Chiefs is when it drops the Raiders out of first and puts the Chiefs on top of the division.


Happy Trails


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Watching the game last night here in Kansas. My biggest Chiefs fan buddy and I watched the game together. We discussed who enjoyed beating the Raiders most, which coaches, which players, which fans. I told him that best comic artist alive was happiest with that victory. Congrats on the win. Glad it spawned a Dormammu!
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Semper odio Praedonis-Always hate the Raiders! Semper opprimo Praedonis-Always crush the Raiders! Semper O!


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