Happy Hordes of Hydra

Happy Hoards of Hydra
or: the Hexapus of Heck

Nazi’s, bad. Let’s just get that out of the way; Nazi’s, bad.

Our sketch of the week is sponsored by Strange Tales #157, one of Marvels split titles in the 60s. Ditko’s gone, Marie Severin’s doing Dr Strange in the back. Up in the front of the book Jim Steranko has finally taken over the SHIELD strip, having worked over Kirby’s layouts and having Stan and Roy writing or scripting his plots. Jim’s brought back the lovable scamps of Hydra and their wacky plans of world domination.

Baron Strucker and the big honkin’ hand of Hellboy... wait, that’s not it... the Satan’s Claw... the big red glove thingie of death...

Happy Trails,

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As usual, you did a great job making even the vile head of Hydra look great. If this is for sale, I'd love to add it to my collection (I've already got two other heads of Hydra, but not the main man himself!) Of course, then I'd need to get Nick Fury from you as well...
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<p>Hey Jim,</p> <p>Click on &quot;Contact&quot; towards the top right of the webpage and get me your contact info.</p> <p>Smitty</p>


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