Great Googley-Moogley In the Morning

Great Googley-Moogley In the Morning

or: THAT was a Pretty Good Day.


How 'bout those... CHIEEEEEFS!


Once again, they have to make things interesting. Spending the first 3 1/2 quarters digging themselves into a hole, our heroes finally wake up, realize they're in the Super Bowl, go on a 21 point tear in the last seven minutes and it's "Goodnight Irene!" The Mighty Chefs of Kansas City emerge victorious and all is right with the world.


Way to matriculate that ball down the field, boys!


Game ball to Sturdy Steve "Spags" Spagnuolo and his defense for for keeping us close and putting up the big goose egg in the 4th quarter.


It's off to bed and sweet dreams of 12th street and Vine. With my Kansas City baby and a bottle of Kansas City wine.


Happy Trails





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Gene's picture

Congrats on a well deserved Chiefs victory Smitty
Justin's picture

My San Francisco pick sealed your victory! Enjoy it, you deserve it!
Steven Ng's picture

Congratulations to Chiefs fans. Although I'm a San Francisco fan, I feel a soft spot for the Chiefs as the home of former 49ers quarterbacks.
Smitty's picture

Waited 50 years for this. MATRICULATE!


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