Gotta Be The Shoes

Gotta Be The Shoes
or: Savage Sartorial Splendor

This weeks blind pick features “the strangest teens of all” in X-Men #62 (no “the”) Our merry band of mutants is about to become dinosaur kibble having trekked to the Savage Land in pursuit of Dr Lykos. The man who would be Sauron. No, not that one... Marvel’s PteroSauron.

We got Ka-zar, Zubu, Magneto (sorta’), the Savage Land mutants... I’m tempted to go with the Beast for being the most fun to draw but, I’m going to go with the Angel instead because this is the book where he loses the clown suit(s) for good.

All the X-kids got new unis a few issues ago. Iceman looks the same so that was really only four new unis but, I’m guessing whoever did them ran out of steam after three because Warrens new threads were ghastly. Apparently there was a change I’ve forgotten between then and here because he’s got a new slightly less ghastly suit here but even that one bites the dust here (yea) and makes way for Angel’s classic Black and White.

Do the clothes make the man or does the man make the clothes...

Happy Trails

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