Everybody Loves Loki

Everybody Loves Loki
or: The Big Sit

This weeks pick reveals another issue of the Marvel Universe. #6 or K_M to be specific. Looks like I did a couple pages here: Kro and Magneto. Of the others, I’ve already done Kang, Klaw, Kraven, and the Lizard... let’s go with Loki.

As long as we’re not on the subject... After Spider-Man throwing the Hudson River off his back in ASM #33, I’ve always thought the two most powerful shots in Marvel history were Big John Buscema’s Loki on his throne and Conan sitting on a log. Neither one doing anything other than sitting and looking at you. It was a lesson in character, that the threat can be scarier than the deed.

Here’s looking at you, kid.

Happy Trails

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Jeffrey Bell's picture

John Buscema's Loki-on-throne from Silver Surfer #4 immediately came to mind when I saw this piece -- and that's meant as high praise, as I consider that issue to be one of the most beautifully pencilled (and inked, by brother Sal) comics in Marvel history!
Smitty's picture

<p>Conan was a house ad.</p> <p>SS#4 may well be Big John&#39;s masterpiece. He poured his heart and soul into it and, for reasons which beggar human understanding, Stan was not impressed (WTF!?!) John never invested himself in another book the same way again :(</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>


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