En Garde

En Garde

or: Get Behind Me Covid


I got spiked! Yea!


Not being a medical, emergency or essential worker and given that I haven't "gone" to work in 39 years I felt my fair turn in line had not yet come but, the pharmacy at the local market was begging for walk-ins. Vaccines were going to waste... EEK!


I won't lie to you, my arm was sore for a couple of days but, that was all.


Wash those hands! Put on your @#$%! masks and go get poked.


Happy Trails


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Justin Washburn's picture

Which vaccine did you get?
Smitty's picture

I'd have done it months ago, I just didn't feel it was my turn yet.
Steven Ng's picture

Anyone who has the opportunity should take it. We’ll all be safer and better off.


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